BUY the original
HOP button pin! 

Your donation of $1 supports building new habitats for the New England Cottontail.

Email us through our contact page to place your order.

The buttons are 1" in size and look like this:

We are a group of kids hopping with hope to make the world
a more peaceful place... one habitat at a time.

Home Page

Come on out on Sunday, May 26, from 1pm-5pm,
at Durham's Froyo

20% of all sales for customers who say HOP at the register will go to build habitats for the New England Cottontail.

In celebration of the end of this event, on June 9, Durham's The Candy Bar will also host an event.  Visit The Candy Bar to learn more!

Where’s the Bunny?
Play the Game to Find out!

Did you know that the only bunny native to New England is becoming endangered?  Help us to never let this happen.  We want the New England Cottontail rabbit to live forever in our region.

So play our game and help us all become aware of the importance of saving this native animal!

Here’s how to play:

There will be sixteen 11” x 17” boards each painted by the kids of HOP with a unique picture of a bunny placed in a variety of local businesses and public places all over the Oyster River community (towns of Lee, Madbury, and Durham.) 

The first three people to find all the bunnies will win one of three prizes:

$5 gift card to Froyo
$5 gift card to The Candy Bar
$5 gift card to Kaliedoscoop

Entries should be sent to by June 9, 2013 and must include a list of the 16 locations along with the contestant’s name, email, and phone number.  Winners will be announced at on June 10, 2013.

The game will run for two weeks beginning Sunday, May 26 and ending June 9, 2013. 

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